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Lynette Eggins, Kyogle GAG , Anne Dwyer, ​Jean Osanz
​Anne Goddard, Erica Bates, Naomi Hogan,
​John McPherson, Louise Somerville, Sarah Chester,
​Vicki 'Sadie' Perrin, John McPherson, Tina Lloyd, Channon Gas Defence, ​The Bentley Gate Keepers, Rachel Jeffery, Greg Behrend… 

Cloudcatcher Media is currently channelling over 80% of our work efforts towards artivism. 

Part of our mission is to help save us all from greed and stupidity. To do that we charge an average of about 1/4 of our commercial rate per artivist film – this way, the communities*  we help have one less worry to deal with.

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