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Screening Saturday 21 May, 4pm
St Kilda Town Hall – FREE ENTRY (18+ EVENT)

Olympus Imaging Australia and the St Kilda Film Festival set the challenge for filmmakers to create a short film with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

Congratulations to the six finalists

- Eve Jeffery, NSW ( Cloudcatcher Media )
- Peter Nguyen, NSW
- David Wade, SA
- Vonne Patiag, VIC
- Dan Haberfield, VIC
- Grace Rein, NSW

​​Green the new black on Far North Coast
Cloudcatcher Media – Sunday March 29, 2015

The future of Lismore hangs in the balance as the Greens gatecrash the two party stranglehold on New South Wales politics.
The once safe Nationals north coast seats of Ballina and Lismore are today under siege from what looks like a population saying 'no', not only to coal seam gas and the pillage of the land, but the 'I’m alright Jack’ attitude that in the past, has segregated the straight and the curly, the haves and have nots and the farmers and the town dwellers. 
The realisation of people power over the past few years has reminded residents of the Rainbow Region that we are all in this together.
Early on Saturday, the unexpected runner in the traditional two horse race literally went head-to-head with the incumbent member of parliament.
The Greens’ Adam Guise and the National Party’s Thomas George found themselves centre stage at St Paul’s church hall in Keen Street Lismore yesterday from about 8.30am.

While both posed for photos (Guise handing out voting material and saying ‘Stop coal seam gas, vote Green!’ mid shoot), there was a definite wind of change in the air. No matter Guise’s win or loss, the people have spoken and made it very clear what they want. This is a win for the land and the water and a loss for unconventional mining and CSG in particular.
Guise didn’t sleep much on Friday night but said that was the status quo for the last three years,  where he has been living on adrenaline and excitement. Still looking fresh as a daisy and obviously ready for the last long haul, Guise said it was well worth it to get to this stage, where we have an opportunity to change.
‘I’m excited, I'm really happy’, he said. ‘I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support out there, and this has been a long nine month campaign off the back of a three year gasfield-free campaign, so I'm relieved. Here we are at the pointy end of a social movement where it interfaces with democracy, where there's an opportunity to vote out the government that's forcing coal seam gas on to our region.’
​Adam planned to spend Saturday talking to as many people as possible on the polling booths. ‘I’ll be travelling around… tonight's a party, a celebration at the Lismore City Bowlo, so everyone's invited to come down and enjoy what has been an extraordinary  long campaign, really over the past three or four years. 

‘This election is a referendum on coal seam gas, and it's time we ended the push for fossil fuels across our beautiful farmland and landscape, and get on with the job of building renewable energy which will power our communities and give us jobs long into the future.'
Thomas George also looked relaxed at St Paul’s though rumours of a political argy bargy on Friday evening involving some of his supporters had certainly coloured his day.
‘I'm quite confident’, he said. ‘I’ve got a very hard-working team that worked throughout the night as well as this morning, and will continue right up until five past six, and then a number of them will have to continue on with scrutineering. 
George said he felt it has been a great lead up to the election but there had been some hiccups. ‘It's been a great campaign, it's got a little bit personal at times, however. There's been a few unsavoury incidents which have got very personal and it disappoints me when that happens, however generally the campaign's been quite good and the people have been taking a lot of interest in this election.’

Thomas said he planned to work the booths throughout the day but was uncertain of what plans for the evening were. ‘I’ll be working at booths around Lismore. I've already visited all the other areas. I'll spend my day around Lismore. We haven't finalised yet… I haven't been notified yet what we're doing [tonight]. It all depends, they're predicting a tight result, I haven't decided what to do yet. We may be scrutineering tomorrow. ‘
Guise said he was hoping for a few hours off after a big day of campaigning. ‘Tomorrow is perhaps about getting a bit of beach time which I haven't had in a very long time, and then seeing what the results hold on Monday when the counting's finalised.
Guise wanted to let his supporters know how much their efforts meant not only to the Greens on the whole but himself personally.
‘I’d just like to thank everyone for their support, for running a really clean happy friendly campaign, and everyone who has dedicated their lives to looking after this beautiful wonderful region, forever, but particularly from coal seam gas for the past four or five years, who have given so much to get us here today.’
It seems the work by Adam and the Greens crew at St Pauls made a dent in the Nats grab for votes with the final tally being Greens 611, the Nationals 485 and  Labor 330, making the Greens at 39% the clear winner of their booth. 
Guise said this election was about real democracy and ending the corruption he feels has been seen in both of the old parties, the donations for favours culture, and about putting someone into the seat who is actually a real voice for the community. 
‘I’d love it if it was me and the Greens, I'd love the community support, but whichever way, however it turns out, it's been an extraordinary campaign, and I'm humbled to be part of history in the making’.

Citizen to Activist wins Byron All Shorts

The St Kilda Film Festival is proud to partner with the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) and the Live Music Office to present the I LOVE LIVE MUSIC 60 second short film competition in 2016.
The competition is a new national initiative to promote the importance of Australian contemporary live music, and the social, cultural and economic benefits it brings.
The competition called for filmmakers across Australia to collaborate with local home town musicians to make a 60 second short film in any genre and any style that addressed at least one of the following themes:
Imagine life without live Australian music; What I love about live Australian music; What live Australian music means to me.
Ten finalists have been chosen, with the ten short films to be screened at the 2016 SoundKILDA event on Thursday 26 May, with winners announced on the night. 

Film by: Cloudcatcher Media
Music by: Scott Owen

Scott Owen – Photo Tree Faerie