Mel Tongmar
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Writer, Eater of all things salted caramel
Along with copy and editorial writing experience, Melanie has 15 years experience in both print, web design and graphics.

She is also the Queen of Wordpress and Shopify, and has published articles in several magazines, including a three year stint as ethical fashion rag Peppermint Magazine's beauty editor.

Mel supports small business and grass roots activism, with social, environmental and cultural responsibility first and foremost.

Ruby Jeffery-Kingston
Dance Coach – Choreographer ​
Ruby Jeffery-Kingston trained as dancer for 10 years before becoming the owner of the school where she spent thousands of hours learning her craft – Brunswick Valley School of Dance. 
In her first year as a teacher her choreography placed at a local eisteddfod and in her second year she won a category.

Ruby has training and competition experience in Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop.

Luke Vassella
Musician, Composer , Soundtrack Maestro and Musical Activist
A full-time musician since 1998, Luke is well known on the NSW North Coast and beyond as an inspirational performer.  Luke has released nine albums of his own material. He has written many songs in support of a Gasfield Free Northern Rivers and won the 'Australia' category at the Australian Songwriter's Association Awards 2013 with his protest song ‘The Mighty Dollar’.  

Luke is a record producer who has also created several jingles and soundtracks including those for 'Undermining Australia' (Lock the Gate) , and the 'Voices from Gloucester Series' (Lock the Gate and Groundswell Gloucester), and he's just a plain ol' fashioned super nice fellow.

Eve Jeffery
Photographer, Journalist, Director, Editor, Producer, Artivist  Social Media Goddess
Aka the Tree Faerie, Eve is a photojournalist who didn't make it to the end of hi skewl.
She snaps and writes for the Byron Shire Echo and is the Entertainment Editor for Echonetdaily (  
Her background in theatre, dance, puppetry, television and too many days in a rock band rehearsal room, have allowed her to view the entertainment industry from both sides.
A well-spent youth as a little athlete, an A-Grade netballer, a one-eyed Collingwood supporter and fifth-form PE have added that pinch of sporting mongrel.

And purple rules!

David Lowe
Director, Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Activist 
Survivor of the Australian Film TV and Radio School. 
Recovering scriptwriter. 
Occasional historian. 
Champion of lost causes.

Wombat lover.


Tony Barry
Actorvist, Voice Over Artist and all 'round true blue awesome fella
Tony Barry is an Australian actor who has  performed in live theatre and both the little and big screens with over 40 television series and almost 60 film appearances under his belt.
Equal parts actor and activist with a pinch of larrikin, Tony Barry says the best way to deal with shit is to turn it into compost.

Tony feels that it has been proven over many years that violent action fails to achieve the desired result in conflict, so another tack is the best bet. ‘Aggression doesn’t work’, he says.
‘The whole idea of conflict and argument doesn’t work. 
'We have to come to a place of  love.’